Power banks for USB and Smartphones

Stay Connected With The Duracell Portable Charger

The Duracell Portable Charger lets you easily charge a variety of USB-powered devices, including Smartphones. It works with a wide range of handheld devices and other gadgets with mini/micro USB ports. Connect your USB-powered device to the Portable charger with the mini/micro USB cable or tip included or with the cable that came with your device to get back-up power while you are on the go. Recharge the Portable charger over and over again by connecting it to your computer’s USB port with the provided cable. When the light turns from red to green, its fully charged and ready to use.Duracell USB Portable Charger 3 Hour Up to 3 hours of Extra talk time in Smart phones (results vary by device and usage behaviour). Up to 17 hours of Extratime for Portable Music Player. Up to 16 hours of Extratime for Bluetooth Earpiece. Up to 70% extra power for your mobile phone (results vary by device). Up to 15 hours of Extratime for Amazon Kindle EReader. Results vary by device and usage behaviour. The before mentioned trademarks, brands and product names are the property of their respective owners.