Samsung B500BE Battery


B500BE Battery

Smartphone Battery 3.85V 1900mAh
Fits Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Replaces B500AE, B500BU
  • 1900 mAh Capacity
  • Lithium ion Chemistry of battery
  • 3 Years Warranty
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  • Specification
  • Description
  • Technical specifications
    • Quick search number: VED52R
    • Warranty: 3 Years
    • Function battery performs: Mobile phone , Power battery for mobile phone handsets
    • Chemistry of battery: Lithium ion , Newer type of rechargable, giving best performance for a rechargable.
    • Voltage: 3.8 V
    • Capacity: 1900 mAh
    • Watt hours: 7 Wh
    • Weight: 34 g
    • Dimensions: 69 mm x 51 mm x 4 mm
    • Charger Battery Ports: 0
  • Duracell Smartphone batteries are manufactured using high quality battery cells. Lithium ion technology delivers premium performance for your Smartphone.

    Whatever your power needs, it will last longer with Duracell.

      Note, this battery does not have NFC function

      Brand Name: Duracell branded product.

At Duracell Direct we are proud to offer our customers a choice of Duracell laptop accessories alongside Original Brand parts where available. In some instances we may also offer a compatible solution from carefully selected brands such as 2-Power to compliment our range or to cover models that Duracell do not currently cover. 2-Power products are tested to the highest standards and manufactured using high quality components to deliver outstanding performance. Everything you'd expect from Duracell Direct.

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